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A Luxury Boutique Hotel

Welcome to Paradise Regained Hotel & Suites
Discover a secret gem in the heart of Ogidi in Anambra State.

Paradise Regained Hotel & Suites, a member of Small Luxury Hotels in Nigeria, is located in Nkwelle - Ogidi in Anambra State, providing comfortable accommodations and upscale amenities within minutes of the city’s premier business and leisure destinations.
Our boutique hotel provides an air of stately elegance that contrasts favorably with the over-the-top hip style of other boutique hotels in Nigeria.

The contemporary touches like complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access, high-end dining, and a modern fitness center provide unparalleled comfort and convenience. Paradise Regained stands as a calm, tranquil oasis in the middle of Anambra’s hustle and bustle – a quiet place that truly feels like a home away from home.

Stay relaxed, stay productive, and stay in the heart of it all at Paradise Regained.

Rooms & Suites
Great -looking design
Get married at Paradise Regained
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5 star hospitallity
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